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Fractional Support for Alternatives

Helping investors navigate the alternative investment journey

Helping Independent RIAs on their Alts Journey

Access is not the only edge anymore. The difference is having a great operational plan and the ability to scale alts across your practice. 

Get started quickly

Get started in Private Markets 

Are you ready to go beyond stocks and bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and indexing strategies? Real estate, private credit, private equity, digital assets, infrastructure, secondaries, and hedge funds are the next frontier of investing. 60/40 is a thing of the past. 50/30/20 and 40/30/30 is how some describe the modern diversified investment portfolio. Family offices, endowments, and pensions have been allocating to alternative investments for years - but that is them - and this is you (and your firm).

Our fractional approach allows you to select an engagement plan with us that fits your needs and objectives while allowing you to build better portfolios with alternative investments. 

Education, Customization, Scale

With fractional support from Endurance Strategies we can get you started in alts or advance you amongst peers and competitors.

If you want to build an alternatives program and aren't sure where to start, we can help behind the scenes without the bias of promoting any single platform or provider. If you are trying to avoid expensive overhead costs, consider a fractional approach while you scale up this aspect of your portfolio or practice.

Expanding your portfolio into alts comes with challenges and many critical decisions. You also don't go from a zero percent allocation to ten or twenty percent allocations overnight. Private markets investing is a long-term endeavor and you want an experienced partner offering strategic support not a sales professional pushing products or platforms that aren't a good fit.

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What we look for in clients

When identifying clients for Endurance Strategies we seek the following

  • Desire to Embrace Alts

    We lead with knowledge and education and our clients expect us to help them develop better capabilities around all things alternative investing. 

  • Culture of Partnership

    It remains a people and relationship business despite advances in technology and new modes of doing business. Trust is earned over time.

  • Operational Excellence

    Employing alternative investments successfully requires fully embracing potentially new operational processes, vendors, and methods of doing business.

  • Long Term Approach

    This guiding principle comes down to ensuring you have the correct time frame, expectations, and resources when approaching alternative investments.

  • Key Leadership Involved

    The right parties at the table focused on aligned outcomes leads to results. Simply allocating casually to alts or being half committed is a recipe for bad outcomes.

  • Emerging Experts

    We are excited to meet ambitious under-the-radar investors and build together. We also like to find ecosystems of talent expressing ideas in novel ways. We appreciate clients with a similar orientation.

Ready to investigate further?

If you are interested in learning how alternative investments and private markets can differentiate your RIA practice, we welcome the opportunity to start a conversation.