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Alternative Investment Opportunities Tailored For Individual Investors

Endurance Strategies provides individuals with direct access to real estate, pre-IPO technology companies, blockchain. crypto, and special situation investment opportunities for as little as $1,000

Choose Your Area of Interest

We have set up four distinct verticals with new deal opportunities to review each month. We will send you deals in the areas you specify. Choose one, two, three, or all.

Real Estate

Commercial real estate deals led by institutional sponsors 

Profile of investments

  • Experienced, proven sponsors

  • Accessible minimums
  • U.S. and International Locations
  • Direct asset exposure

Pre-IPO Tech

Private technology companies that are not publicly traded yet

Profile of investments

  • Pre-seed stage, seed stage

  • Series A
  • Establishing a customer base, ramping up, post-revenue

Crypto & Blockchain

Decentralized finance "DeFi" and marketplace opportunities and firms

Profile of investments

  • Exposure to startups building services and products in the ecosystem
  • Protocols and tokens
  • Early-stage emphasis

Special Situations

Private credit, opportunistic, distressed, hedged strategies

Profile of investments

  • Deals with dysfunction, dislocation, or distress

  • Deals where flexibility and timing help unlock value
  • Can be dictated by market conditions or unforeseen events

Endurance Strategies approach to investing using SPVs

The hallmarks of our approach are flexibility, speed, structure, lower fees, lower minimums, transparency, reporting, and simplicity

  • Legal Structure

    Registered in Delaware. When compared to LPs, offer a simple, flexible and cost-effective approach.

  • Utilize Outsourced Experts

    We identify leading investment, legal, administration, tax, custody, and transactional experts to drive our deals

  • Decreased Costs

    Reducing administrative costs and utilizing third-party expertise to optimize the many aspects of private deals

  • Lower Minimum Investment

    Investment minimums of $50,000, $100,000, and $250,000+ simply don't work for many investors. We start at $1,000.

  • Access to Deal Flow

    Identifying, accessing, structuring, selecting, investing, monitoring, and reporting on deals is complex, time consuming, and costly to manage. Most alternative investment firms and sponsors simply don't offer direct deals in the private markets to individual investors. They don't  know how to find you or don't believe all the effort is worth it. We are fixing this structural issue. 

  • Simplifies investing in privates

    Endurance Strategies aggregates investors and deploys the collective capital to obtain equity and participation in deals with the potential to generate returns

Are you interested in seeing deal flow from Endurance Strategies?

We believe in driving a profound change in private markets investing with the individual investors at the center of the action. We are on a mission to democratize access to some of the world's leading investment opportunities and investment sponsors one deal at a time. We invite you to engage with us as we execute this mission to change how capital flows in the private markets.

Frequently asked questions

Q&A to commonly asked questions

Why Endurance Strategies?

After working as an investment banker with two of the largest financial institutions in the U.S.,  Andres Sandate founded Endurance Strategies in 2010 to serve emerging alternative investment managers and their clients. Additionally, Andres has served as a senior executive and voting investment committee member at multiple alternative investment firms including hedge funds, private equity firms, real estate investment firms, and multi-asset managers. 

During his nearly 20 year career working in investment banking, asset management, and alternative investments, Andres has worked on billions of dollars in transactions. Through all of these deals, individual investors rarely had an insiders seat at the table and an opportunity to participate. In 2021 Endurance Strategies set out to change this dynamic.

As a first step, Andres launched ATLalts, a media platform dedicated to educating investors about alternative investments and private markets investing. On the heels of launching the ATLalts podcast, Andres began laying the groundwork to operationalize his vision to democratize private markets investments for individual investors.

Today, Endurance Strategies is in position, after years of relationship building and transactions across real estate, financial services, technology, and alternative investments, to offer investors direct access to leading private markets deals in real estate, pre-IPO technology companies, crypto, blockchain, and special situations.

What is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)?

A special purpose vehicle (SPV) is a legal entity used to pool capital and is used as a subsidiary designated by a parent company to mitigate financial risk.

SPVs have become an accepted vehicle to invest in a variety of alternative assets and direct investment opportunities and have the added benefit of facilitating joint ventures, ensuring asset security, protecting specified corporate assets, or to execute certain investment or financial transactions.

An SPVs underlying assets can be utilized to invest in the equity of startup companies, real estate transactions, or other alternative assets such as crypto or blockchain opportunities. From a legal perspective SPVs have the added benefit of providing protection to the partners in the entity from certain risk factors through the architecture of the SPV vehicle, even if the underlying assets underperform.

An SPVs investors can be individuals, LLCs, limited partnerships, trusts, corporations, IRAs, and other entity options. 

Why SPVs?

While commingled investment funds have a meaningful place and purpose in the alternative investment industry, SPVs offer investors the opportunity to access discrete private investment opportunities at a lower minimum, more quickly, and in a cost effective manner. 

Investors have the ability to customize exposures via SPVs and allocate their investment dollars to different opportunities from a variety of asset classes and sponsors. With commingled fund investments the investor is largely at the discretion of the fund manager to decide which investments to select.

What are some of the benefits of SPVs?
  • Flexible structure for individual investors to access a single, discrete private asset
  • In the rapidly growing alternative asset marketplace the SPV can be a fast, flexible way to invest in the venture, technology, startup, and pre-IPO ecosystem at a lower minimum amount
  • Certain real estate, crypto or blockchain deals require significant minimum investments to participate, SPVs may reduce this barrier to entry
  • Reduced minimum investment (sometimes as low as $1,000)
  • Lower fees (no management company, no management fee)
  • No capital calls
  • Reduced costs for financials 
  • Only file tax returns when there is a taxable event
What are the Risks of SPVs?

Like any investment structure, vehicle, fund, offering, etc. - risks are involved. Private assets like real estate, pre-IPO technology companies, crypto and blockchain startups, and special situations opportunities, have different risk factors than traditional assets like stocks and bonds. Risks include, but are not limited to, a permanent loss of capital, illiquidity, and lack of a secondary market to sell your investment. If the assets held by the SPV don't result in positive returns, the investors in the SPV will lose money. 

How does an SPV increase access for individual investors to private markets?

Endurance Strategies is focused on sourcing private markets opportunities across real estate, pre-IPO technology companies, crypto and  blockchain companies, and special situations and then structuring a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for aggregating capital from multiple sources to make a single investment. We target lower minimum investment amounts, give investors the choice which deals they want to invest in, and offer the ability to utilize retirement accounts such as IRAs to access private markets investments.

How much do I need to get started?

Every SPV is set up differently and the terms and conditions vary by deal but investors can get started for as little as $1,000. At this time all clients and investors must be be Accredited Investors as defined by the SEC.

Can I see what deals you are offering?

Yes. Please provide some basic contact details and answer a few questions and you will be added to our mailing list. If you qualify you will receive notices when we launch an SPV. We are not a technology marketplace or equity crowdfunding model and are not attempting to feature a high volume of deals. Each team and deal we present to investors has undergone a substantial amount of underwriting, diligence, and research before we consider presenting it to investors. 

Can I invest using my IRA?

Yes. We have partnered with next-generation self-directed IRA platforms to make it easy to invest in alternative assets using your retirement assets.

How long is my money tied up?

Every investment opportunity is different and each offering has unique terms, conditions, investment objectives, and target duration. Generally speaking private markets investment opportunities will require investors to commit capital for multiple years at a minimum. Principal invested in an SPV is not guaranteed, loss is possible, and past investment results are not an indication of future returns.