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Is your wealth management practice only utilizing ETFs, Indexing Strategies, and Mutual Funds. Why are you not yet utilizing alternative investment solutions and strategies? Would you like to attract new and larger clients and more assets from your largest families?

The alternative investment industry is undergoing rapid change and the focus on catering to the private wealth channel's needs has never been higher. RIAs are in the driver seat today and have significant leverage when it comes to incorporating private markets and alternative investment strategies in their practices. Consider that certain alternative investment solutions designed for independent RIAs are now available to retail investors with gross annual incomes of at least $70,000 and a net worth of at least $70,000 or a net worth of at least $250,000, at minimums as low as $2,500, with 1099 tax reporting, and without multi-year lock-ups.

So why aren't more individual investors and the independent advisors (RIAs) who they entrust to manage their wealth embracing alternative investments the way institutions and wealthy families have for decades. 

Multiple issues persist including:

- lack of familiarity and understanding

- complex sourcing, screening, and selection of alts strategies

- lack of education and knowledge to meet fiduciary obligations

- perception that all alts have complex subscription processes, high minimums, and K-1 reporting

- client reporting challenges and technology hassles

- uncertainty around how to incorporate alternatives into existing portfolio construction process and model portfolios and more

Endurance Strategies aims to solve these pain points for the independent RIA who wants to begin using alternative investments.

After 15 years working for multiple alternative asset managers across hedge funds, private real estate, private credit, crypto, and other alternative asset classes, Endurance Strategies is poised to help independent advisors, who comprise the fastest growing segment of alternative investment capital inflows, access the support, education, and resources to fully seize on the alts opportunity. 

You Choose the Plan

We offer independent RIAs who want to begin implementing alternative investments (or upgrade their existing approach) two simple options.

Our plans include a complimentary in-person or video consultation, project dashboard with timeline and action steps, weekly check-in calls, a final written report and presentation, and access to ongoing support. 

Starter Plan

With this 30-day engagement we will do an assessment of your practice with respect to alts, identify key goals and objectives, provide an overview of options, discuss challenges and keys to success, help you get out of the gate by introducing key vendors, discuss how to position alts with your clients, and highlight best practices plus common pitfalls to avoid.

Ongoing Plan 

With this month-to-month engagement we get more involved with your practice and perform a broader strategic assessment. Typical ongoing engagements are 90 days or longer.

Upon the completion of our assessment we create a customized project plan to assist you in an ongoing manner across multiple phases of your practice. We help coach and assist each week with the goal of accelerating firm AUM growth and new client acquisition.

A better way for RIAs to approach alternative investments

Providing independent RIAs with fractional support to implement alternative asset solutions at their practice.

Not Product Led, Practice Led

Today's independent advisory firms have abundant access to alts. Allocations still remain low however. Without an emphasis on education, operations, technology, customization, scale, and a more comprehensive approach from the start - the promise alternative investments offer the growing RIA is elusive. On a fractional basis we support independent RIAs who want a game plan and strategy to start using alternative investments in client portfolios. We don't recommend products but instead focus on your practice and how alts can help your firm grow, attract bigger clients, and become more profitable.

Deep Experience, Fractionally

Like a fractional CFO, we offer professional experience without having to commit to salaries, benefits, taxes, and additional costs associated with headcount. The significant cost savings versus hiring experienced full-time professionals is only part of our value proposition. RIAs who are just beginning their journey in alts, be it crypto, real estate, private credit, private equity, venture capital or elsewhere, should have a seasoned partner by their side to assist with defining a firm alts strategy, selecting critical vendors, communicating with clients, and more.

Alts Partner to Independent RIAs

Fractional support from Endurance Strategies allows independent RIAs to get started in alternative investments with a seasoned hand. We understanding the landscape from having spent the past 15 years negotiating terms, conducting due diligence, building products, investing, and more. We start by listening and asking about your goals and objectives. Through assessing your practice we collectively begin framing a game plan. We continue with introductions to key vendors, positioning strategies, and much more. Depending on which engagement you select, we are prepared to participate in your alts journey from the beginning to the most advanced stages.

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